This was essentially me once, but for real. I was running as exercise and discovered that if i slowed down i didn’t get nearly as tired and could run much further! I thought i had just had an absolutely genius thought and was really proud of myself. It wasn’t until later that i realised that no, i was just being really fucking dumb, as usual.


Running longer distances does increase stamina so you weren’t wasting your time


To be fair, bodybuilders do lift the lighter weights. Gotta get that high rep range for the pump.

Powerlifters, strongmen, and Olympic lifters lift the heavy weights to get stronk.


Not to mention that switching to lighter weights after reaching failure on heavier ones lets you squeeze out a few extra reps that deepen the failure and build more muscle

Dasnap, avatar

If the football teams just worked together, they could score so many more goals.


so true


They should do a merger to form a giant conglomerate.

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

why does the center simply not eat the kicker

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