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Get this political crap outa here.



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Only on Lemmy


Is this bait? It sure feels like bait.


Is it the time we apologise to hitler? 💀


What an awful shitty thing to say. Some of the biggest opponents of the genocide are Jewish. And the biggest supporters and beneficiaries of Zionism are western industries trying to make money off of the region.

Stop being a racist shit blaming minorities for something that’s outside their control.


Well you should visit some of the jews groups in telegram and see for yourself how they are making fun of children being killed. I’m not saying every jews are Zionist but every Zionist are jews. So take your modern day moral and shove it up deep in your arse where no one can see it


every Zionist are jews

A statement only an ignorant person could make

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I think they have real estate in the occupied Palestine? Every dead palestine child = one apartment more for them? Yes they think in 30 year circles.

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Thankfully, here, hate comments by the creator are also deleted. Zat is honorable, so I address it as well. Everyone with property should think in 30-year cycles. So here as well. That’s how colonialism works. You take the land for free. And that creates value for you. I became skeptical soon after the Gaza Strip was sealed off. None from the IDF went in. Instead, sealing off and while the bombs fell for weeks: parties, selfies. Who paid for the bombs? Wasn’t the hostage situation urgent? Also, pay attention: starvation is much worse. Especially for the children. Lasting damage. If the Palestinians are now displaced. Who will bear the cost for them? Do some research yourself. Then it’s like a slap in the face, what’s going on here.


Don’t you know antisemitism means just anything Jews disagree with

At least that is how they treat that word now


Not Jews, a jew. People are individuals

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Weird, because I’m a Jew and I don’t feel that way about people who disagree with me. Nor does any other Jew I know.


It’s anti-semitic to ask you to stop killing children who lived their whole lives unable to leave their borders and were not even born when Hamas was “elected” in their reigon?

Is it anti-semitism to advocate to stop a “war” which you waged against a besieged province inside your country which you are controlling their water, electricity, food, fuel, and all natural resources, and starving amd killing and crippling for all life children and women who are over %70 of the victims?

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Australian Jewish Association is a fucked up group of fucked up people. Opposing things they say is anti-idiocy.



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    Now, I realize Israel and it’s people have had a long and storied history of being persecuted by others, however, there’s a limit to how far you can stretch that sort of “woe is us” pity when the modern history of the country most representative of modern Judaism – at least, that’s how I kind of thought of it, a sort of “Jewish Vatican/Mecca”, correct me if I’m wrong as I’m not Jewish – will be recorded as not only actively engaged in committing such terrible acts (no matter the enemy), but is proud of it. I could see them trying to deny or “deny” it, you know, pay these IDF atrocities lip-service and give commanders a light finger-wag, that sort of thing. It’s the Israeli government after all, anyone who thinks they don’t have a massive intelligence apparatus shaping opinions at home and abroad is a fool – but for so many to be as proud of it as they are, god. I should be over this by now, but it’s just… upsetting. Make no mistake, the acts they commit today will be written about in the history textbooks, and they will be used to justify further future antisemitism – anyone who doesn’t fear another Adolf Hitler hasn’t been paying attention to the fucking news. This cycle of hate shouldn’t continue, and yet I see no end in sight.


    Israel is not representative of modern Judiasm. It’s representative of modern settler colonialism. There are a lot of Jews who have opposed the existence of Israel since the idea of Zionism came up. Don’t conflate Judiasm with colonialism in it’s name.


    Great if you believe that, but how many other people do? How do you think it will change things in the eyes of all the far-right parties on the rise today?

    They won’t care.


    The far-right simultaneously aligns with Israel and uses it to fuel their antisemitism. They don’t care about facts or the truth because their only focus is power. That’s why it’s so critical to always call out the fact that Israel does not represent Jews.

    It is critical to call out the contradictions of Israel so that people who do care about facts are not as easily fooled by the far-right.


    Yes it does, religion is the driver of this. Don’t give the religion a pass, it considers that whole area part of the original lands belonging to Jews, and won’t stop until the Jewish kingdom is restored.

    Don’t try and make this secular is not.


    That’s Zionism, not Judiasm. They are not the same things.

    There’s literally Yiddish songs making fun of Zionism as an idea. Most early Zionists were secular and were directly opposed by religious Jews.

    Ffs, there are a ton of interviews with rabbis calling for a cease fire or even an end to Israel. Jewish Voice for Peace has been consistently vocal in their opposition to Israeli apartheid.

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    The problem is that the Israeli government itself deliberately conflates itself/Zionism with Judiasm as a whole specifically so they can screech “antisemitism!!!” at every single criticism they receive regardless of whether or not is valid.

    This is not only bullshit, but also actively undermines progress against actual antisemitism elsewhere by poisoning the signal-to-noise ratio by perpetually being the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    For anyone non-Jewish looking for a scrap of perspective on the matter, remember after 9/11 when every response from every conservative about every overtly shady thing they did was to parrot, “Why do you hate America???” It’s pretty much the same idea.




    That’s antisemitic talk.

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    Israel is not representative of modern Judiasm

    well, Saudi arabia/afganistan is not representative of modern islam, but here we are. Do you think Muslim majority, largely secular countries like being compared to theocratical shitholes? no.

    if you’re just joining us, the thread is about how assholes like to make it seem that criticism of israel is antisemitism, whch is what archonet is talking about.


    Why the fuck can’t we downvote in lemmy anymore is the real question?


    Uuuh we still can?


    Maybe it’s my client? Can you downvote me?


    It’s your instance. Those things are instance specific, and some instances disabled it for various reasons. I see upvote and downvotes separately and can do both without issues. You might want to have a non NSFW instance for non NSFW stuff, btw.


    Thank you!


    Iirc lemmynsfw turn off downvoting to help with the mass downvote of gay porn/non-straight porn situation.


    Thank you!


    It depends on your instance.


    Calling opposition to genocide antisemitic is one of the most anti-semitic things one could do - it paints genocide as inherent to Judaism - a ludicrous position that is about the best reason one could find to justify exterminating the Jews.

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    if it’s not against jews, it’s just sparkling crimes against humanity


    Did it come from the genocide region?


    There are Jewish Muslims that live in Palestine. Would it not be antisemitic of Israel to a attack an area that houses Jews of any sect and faith?


    Do you mean Jewish arabs? or Semitic Muslims maybe. Technically Semitic is a language group which includes arabic but like indo-european it can also refer to the people who originally used the dialect… bigotry fails at logic.


    Judaism is a religion, not a race. Plenty of people of the race commonly associated with Judsism who aren’t Jews. Like your average Palestinian.


    Palestinians are semites. Judaism isn’t a race, it’s a religion.


    Jewish Muslims lol?

    So I can be a Christian, Jewish , Muslim and a Buddhist all at one time ?

    Yikes. I’ll stick to Atheism.


    Cool, no one cares.

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    I think is way more antisemitic to try to relate the jewish people with that genocide


    I don’t think anyone relates the Jewish people to that genocide, they relate the state of Israel to that genocide, because it does.


    My understanding is that the person who originally called criticism of the Israel gov ‘antisemitism’ is the one equating Jewish people with the state of Israel


    That’s the point they are making actually, that Jewish people that call for antisemitism in those cases like the Australian Jewish organization and tons of Israel supporters, by saying that being against genocide is antisemitic, they are saying that genocide is semitic, which is a very dangerous statement.

    In my opinion, those that make such ludicrous statement are the antisemitic ones, for calling the Jewish religious group genocidal.


    Clearly the Australian Jewish Association is relating Jewish people to genocide, otherwise they would not have called that statement by a shopkeeper in New Zeeland anti-semitic but would instead have said it to be anti-Israel.

    They’re directly saying that being against this Genocide is being against Jews, which is most definitelly “relating Jewish people to that Genocide”


    I’m guessing the claim is that saying “Israel is killing children” present a “false” narrative (presumably, false to them). Like you can imagine someone saying “Stop this man from killing puppies!” and it makes him look pretty bad even if he’s not a puppy killer.

    What’s unfortunate is that instead of responding to “false” narratives by pointing out the falsehoods (“Actually all those bombed children’s hospitals were faked!” /s), instead this person just attacks the character of the person saying it. It’s basically name-calling or tone policing at best. I’m guessing because there’s no good argument in support of Netanyahu’s actions. Only zealots would support him.


    They are killing children, it’s not a false narrative, it’s what’s happening. Palestine has a very young population, those casualties contain a very large percentage of underage people. They don’t have to bomb a children’s hospital to kill children.


    I suggest you read my post again if you think I said anything to the contrary. I’m trying to understand this person’s fucked up logic.

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