anyone else think that square stone looks like a Minecraft villager’s face?

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Actually AI wouldn’t even recognize either of those as a cow let alone one long, unless it was specifically trained to look for cow’s head or ass.


octopod or hexapod ?


I mean where else do you think hot dogs come from?


Anyone’s tiny fucking wiener.

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Long cow is coming. Look busy.


AI no dis troy. Troy is tha man


You forgot a maxlength_cow clause after AI was done. Not exactly AI’s fault.


It is because AI is dumb and putting way too much trust in it that it will kill us.


Long cow is loooooooooong.


Can anyone prove it’s NOT an extra-long cow?

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Not based solely on the evidence presented, no.


Long cow is long


The danger isn’t that it’s smart, the danger is that it’s stupid.


There’s an idea about “autistic ai” or something where you give ai an objective like “get a person from point a to b as fast as you can” and the ai goes so fast the g force kills the person but the ai thinks it was a success because you never told it to keep the person alive.

Though I suppose that’s more human error. Something we take as a given but a machine will not.


Computers do what people tell them to do, not what people want.


Here’s the thing: what they keep calling ‘AI’ isn’t really ‘artificial intelligence’ at all. It’s just language processing on a large scale. This type of software has no actual cognitive capability; it can’t ‘think’, it has no capacity to ‘think’ at all, but they’ve written it so it gives the appearance of ‘thinking’; it’s a trick, it’s fake.


Exactly. LLMs are just a Chinese room


Your brain is also “just a Chinese room”. It’s just physic, chemistry and biology. There is no magic inside your brain. If a “Chinese room” is fast enough and can fool everyone into “believing” that it’s fluent in chinese, than the room speaks chinese.


The problem here is that intelligence is a beetle

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This fails to engage with the thought experiment. The question isn’t if “the room is fluent in Chinese.” It is whether the machine learning model is actually comparable to the person in the room, executing program instructions to turn input into output without ever understanding anything about the input or output.


The same is true for your brain. Show me the neurons that are fluent in Chinese. Of course the LLM is just executing code. And if we have AGI it will also just be “executing code” but so does your brain. It’s not exactly code (but maye AGI will be analog computers, so not exactly code either) but the laws of physics dictate what your brain does. The laws of physics don’t understand Chinese, the atoms and molecules don’t understand Chinese. “Understanding Chinese” is an emergent property.

Think about it that way: Assume every person you know (execpt you) is just some form of Chinese Room … You first of all couldn’t prove that and second it wouldn’t matter at all.

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We aren’t trying to establish that neurons are conscious. The thought experiment presupposes that there is a consciousness, something capable of understanding, in the room. But there is no understanding because of the circumstances of the room. This demonstrates that the appearance of understanding cannot confirm the presence of understanding. The thought experiment can’t be formulated without a prior concept of what it means for a human consciousness to understand something, so I’m not sure it makes sense to say a human mind “is a Chinese room.” Anyway, the fact that a human mind can understand anything is established by completely different lines of thought.

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That’s specifically LLMs. Image recognition like OP has nothing to do with language processing. Then there’s generative AI which needs some kind of mapping between prompts and weights, but is also a completely different type of “AI”

That doesn’t mean any of these “AI” products can think, but don’t conflate LLMs and AI as being the same


It’s all garbage and I consider all of it to be a fad and I just can’t wait until the world wakes up and realizes what utter crap it is and it just goes away.

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Neural networks aren’t going anywhere because they can be genuinely useful, just not to solve every problem


It’s crap, too many people believe the hype, they see TV shows and movies with total fantasy AI in it, they think this crapware is like that, they think there’s someone alive in that box, they’ll come to trust it too much, and they’ll get wrecked because of that. THAT is the real danger of this garbage.

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You should watch actually AI safety researcher’s thoughts on this. Here’s the link. It’s partially overhyped, but huge strides have been made in this area and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s best to be extra careful than ignorant.


You got a lot of fucking nerve calling me ‘ignorant’. Bugger off.


Are you always this angry? Doesn’t it get exhausting?


You can bugger off too.


And that somehow means we shouldn’t do OCR anymore, or image classification, or text to speech, or speech to text, or anomaly detection, or…?

Neural networks are really good at pattern recognition, e.g. finding manufacturing defects in expensive products. Why throw all of this away?


How can you know the system has no cognitive capability ? We haven’t solved the problem for our own minds, we have no definition of what consciousness is. For all we know we might be a multimodal LLM ourselves.


If we can’t even begin to understand how a biological brain like ours produces the phenomenon of ‘thought’ and ‘consciousness’, then how the fuck can you build machines and write software that does those things? Rhetorical question, we can’t, full stop. All we’ve got is fakery, the illusion of ‘thinking’, ersatz, not the real thing.

For fuck’s sake, I go round and round with people on this shit every fucking time because everyone believes the hype and are never told the facts. They watch TV shows and movies and think someone made that real. They take for granted what their brains can do naturally and effortlessly (…well, not so effortlessly in too many peoples case) and knowing nothing about software or hardware think it’s trivial to make machines that can do what their own brain can do. It. Is. Not.


Language processing is a cognitive capability. You’re just saying it’s not AI because it isn’t as smart as HAL 9000 and Cortana. You’re getting your understanding of computer science from movies and video games.


No, moron, I’m NOT. Go talk to neuroscientists; that’s what I did. They’ll tell you: an amoeba has more cognitive capability than the best of this crapware.

YOU get your “”“AI”“” information from media hype, who gets it from AI company marketing departments, who are told: “Sell this crap we created so we can get paid”.

You’re dumb. You’re so dumb that you can’t understand when someone who is actually smart tells you something, so you think they’re dumb. Get yourself a dog, name it ‘Clue’, so you’ll always have one.


It’s called the AI alignment problem, it’s fascinating, if you want to dig deeper in the subject I highly recommend ‘Robert miles AI safety’ channel on YouTube


ai thinks

AI’s are Mathematic’s calculations. If you ordered that execution, are you responsible for the death? It happened because you didn’t write instructions well enough; test check against that which doesn’t throw life on the scale; or maybe that’s just the cheeky excuse to be used when people start dying before enough haven’t done so that no one is left A.S. may do it, if your lucky. Doesn’t matter. It’ll just bump over from any of its thousand T-ultiverses.


I read about a military AI that would put its objectives before anything else (like casualties) and do things like select nuclear strikes for all missions that involved destruction of targets. So they adjusted it to allow a human operator to veto strategies, in the simulation this was done via a communications tower. The AI apparently figured out that it could pick the strategy it wanted without veto if it just destroyed the communications tower before it made that selection.

Though take it with a grain of salt because the military denied the story was accurate. Which could mean it wasn’t true or it could mean they didn’t want the public to believe it was true. Though it does sound a bit too human-like for it to pass my sniff test (an AI wouldn’t really care that its strategies get vetoed), but it’s an amusing anecdote.


The military: it didn’t destroy the tower, it jammed the comms!


Or more precise: The danger is that people think it’s smart


The danger isn’t that it’s smart, the danger is that humans are stupid.



cyriak data was used to train it


Damn that’s a name I haven’t heard in a minute. Good times.

Edit: it’s still good. www.youtube.com/watch?v=FavUpD_IjVY


There might be 2 cows behind, but there might be also 1000 amalgamated cows

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So, does it have a long body or a long neck?


I was doing fine, seeing two cows, right up until I read your comment, and now I see it as some sort of weird giraffe like creature with short legs and a surprising ability to balance even with its neck stretched out that far.


I was doing fine, seeing two cows, right up until I read your comment, and now I see it as some sort of weird giraffe like creature with short legs and a surprising ability to balance even with its neck stretched out that far.


Two cows and two comments or one cow and one comment. Does the content of the comment being the same make it the same comment or does their different storage location and display make them two comments? The digital ship of theseus.


It’s obviously just a glitch in the matrix, and you may be the chosen one for noticing.

I got a 504 server error the first time I posted, but apparently it worked anyway.

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Maybe it’s like a centipede. Centicow.






Yes all technologies that start imperfect stay shitty forever

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This is just an illusion created by Microsoft and Disney.


What is an illusion?

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