I use LibreWolf (and don’t use Tik Tok)

ShaggySnacks, (edited )

Remember, when American corporations harvest your private data, that is a good thing.

When foreign countries, that’s bad.

This post was brought to you by your friendly Google. Where we will sell your data to any one and every one because we love money.

Edit: Words are important

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You’re not getting it. TikTok is crude, targeting anything that comes in its way, like a shotgun.

Google is like a sniper rifle, that is also a shotgun.

Now, which would you prefer, the shotgun, or the sniper rifle that is also a shotgun.


Nukes because then I get vaporized instantly. 😎

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If I get to choose it goes:

  1. Meteor strike
  2. Nuclear detonation
  3. Grenade

Peacefully in my sleep, at the ripe age of 100, with two girls in my bed


Asleep at the wheel while driving a bus for full of people for me. Just like ol’ Grand Pappy.


Can I get a grenade launcher and laser sight for the Franken-gun?

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Librewolf, MullvadBrowser and Tor Browser are the way.

firefox is full of bullshit now.


I only use true blue American spyware


Anyone who even compares a for profit corportation to the world’s largest hostile militaristic dictatorship is an idiot. Both bad, but on completely different scales.


The things the CCP could do with political blackmail gathered from tiktok would make even Zuck blush.


I bet from reading message history they have tons of SSNs and bank details. Probably even information about our military.


I’m honestly more worried about them knowing details on politicians and their families. The most they can do with some rando’s personal info is send them targeted propaganda. Knowing a handful of republican congressmen has lgbq relatives can be used to make them to shift policies.


At the very least, Google and Facebook have to step back if caught. Meanwhile, Chinese companies often don’t care about EU privacy laws. Still avoid them altogether, any way.

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Do they? They’ve been caught BIG TIME, and META stock price is at an ATH!

Living like a street criminal for a decade sure puts international politics in perspective, because you can just see straight through the bullshit. It’s just bigger numbers, but the principles and human behavior stays 100% the same.


Meta was sued in India, Brazil, the UK, and the USA for the way they sold data in the 2010s, being fined Billions of dollars total. In July 2019 they were fined 5 Billion in a 3 to 2 vote by the FTC and they’re in the process of a 20 year settlement plan.

Meta also has a proposed trial date for December against the FTC and 46 states after their supposedly unlawful and aggressive mergers to acquire WhatsApp and Instagram, called Federal Trade Commission v. Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly Federal Trade Commission v. Facebook, Inc.). The Mergers are why their evaluation keeps rising.

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As much as China is a festering cancer upon the world, I am willing to bet that for every single trademark horror that is taking place in their society, I could find a match or worse in the USA.


or worse in the USA.

An estimated 30 to 45 million Chinese citizens died during Mao’s “Great Leap Forward.”

anarchy79, avatar

My penis is longer than yours.

What are we doing, just stating random facts?


Not so random. Lay off the whataboutism.

anarchy79, avatar

Did you just whatabout my penis?


What’s relevant about that statement? Or we could talk about the slave trade?


I doythink those are as different as you say. Through the Patriot Act, american corporate spying is US spying.


Okay but one wants to efficiently sell me worthless trash and the other would happily kill me and take my property given an opportunity, so…


But the one selling you trash is also sharing that data with the ones who would kill you.


That’s fair but I feel like it’s not in Google’s best interests to collect your photos library, clipboard, message history, contacts info, SSN, banking details, etc and then sell all of it to China for cheap. The extent of Data Collection, and the very obvious malicious intent of it, embedded in TikTok sets it worlds apart.


He’s obviously not talking about China here

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The US has actively used that kind of info to extrajudically kill people, we know that for sure. We don’t know if China actually did that (they probably did).

squash_squash, avatar

lol This is simply not true

squash_squash, avatar

US looks very militaristic to me. It has a very broken democracy, and a history of supporting/causing brutal dictatorships.


The USA hasn’t taken territory since 1946.

The major reason for the USA being so broken is due to deregulation and corporate greed. Which is a little different in nuance to Authoritarian China.


The US doesn’t try. It just bombs the fuck out of anyone worth exploiting production of anything any private exploitator willing to play “business” there wants.


The ol’ “Bomb it to glass” tactic. A classic tragedy.

anarchy79, avatar

Ghastly business, that. Unavoidable, really, and tragic. Anyways, here’s our top stories tonight: the US kills its own population with the most potent designer drugs in history, at a 0% tax revenue! “This is great for the economy”, according to Experts, who warn that the same measures would be “devastating” under Democratic rule.

anarchy79, avatar

“Um, technically when we lost all those wars for profit and oil, we didn’t seize any land. So, technically, we are the good guys.”


Compared to the dictatorship who are in the process of seizing land and committing genocides on their (according to them) own peoples, yes the USA are fucking saints. See this is my exact problem, two bad things are not equivalent but so many people fail to grasp that.


The control the Chinese gov has over tiktok is on a different scale compared to Google and the US

anarchy79, avatar

Just to play devil’s advocate here, how many military bases has China got in other countries, compared to the US?


How many McDonald’s are there compared to general tso’s chicken?

Both comparisons are irrelevant. It is about how much control and access China/US have over tiktok/Google and the user data and algorithms.


Archy really tried to pull out the Chewbacca Defense.


This post is about China, but why are you talking about the US?


They’re both spyware.


You can’t read let alone understand. Dunno what to explain to you when all you have is accusations of failure when they clearly show your own such.


Thank you, this is my viewpoint exactly. We are exploited by both but one is after money, the other is a threat.

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How can China threatens you? If you live outside of China?

anarchy79, avatar

Is this… Sarcasm?

andy_wijaya_med, (edited ) avatar

Nope. But how can an average TikTok user in USA be threatened by China? Concretely/ literally?

I honestly think that Trump is a much greater threat to average American than using TikTok.


Usually they can’t, but they can blackmail. Usually only if you’re really really deep in anti Pooh territory though. Pooh is vindictive and thin skinned like our spray tan guy. Spray tan could for example, work with Pooh to surveil and jail dissenters. It’s not that China is a threat to an individual American or other foreigner in a Western country per se, but as long as they could potentially leverage your data against you they do have a little threat. For the record Pooh and spray tan should be sent to an island together to… Oh shit nvm usually rich people and islands aren’t a good thing. 😂

andy_wijaya_med, avatar

If you’re someone influential enough to be blackmailed by the Chinese government and you’re using TikTok… You’re really stupid… but average TikTok user, really has nothing to be afraid of China, I think. TikTok is also after money, as far as I know (ads). They are a company. Like Huawei, they might have a close relationship with the Chinese government, similar with Google with the US government.


That’s like saying that Putin couldn’t hurt anyone outside of Russia yet he’s had multiple people killed in foreign countries.


Most of us are boring. We’re not oligarchs or investigative reporters, nor hold key posts in government or industry, nor are connected to dissenters. It’s not that he couldn’t but it’s almost impossible to see a scenario where either dictator would have an interest in most of us. I neither control anything they want nor block their way to it

andy_wijaya_med, avatar

How could TikTok helps China threatens America (or the world)?


To be honest I think you can compare them, I feel the word idiot is misplaced here.

anarchy79, avatar

Now look you here- one party is a convicted serial rapist, the other party is elitist.

They’re both criminals.

So it doesn’t matter.

Which is why you should vote for convicted serial rapist party.

Nobody likes an elitist.


While they’re at completely different scales, plus will go to much different lengths to abuse what they find out, It comes down to personal peril. I know exactly how Google will use that surveillance data to my detriment and that they’ll openly sell it to more nefarious entities, however I fail to see how the Chinese government would ever have an interest in my data or in selling it.

I don’t use Tik Tok or Huawei, but that’s for other reasons


You fail to see why they would collect the massive amounts of data that they’ve been repeatedly proven to collect? Sounds like willful ignorance, to me.


Not at all. I understand storage and scaling are cheap, so it’s a great strategy to collect every piece of data about every person. Then you use whatever you need, whenever you need to.

For example, it’s expensive to investigate a Congressman’s past to find that picture in drag for blackmail. It’s much cheaper to collect everything you can so once he becomes a Congressman you can simply search for connections and seconds later have that picture off his college buddy’s computer


That’s why Google Ultron exists m8

Suavevillain, avatar

Anyone using Firefox is a W to me.




W = win
L = loss

anarchy79, avatar

W = watt

L = litre


User name checks out!


She’ll promise you more than the garden of Eden

Then she’ll carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleedin’

But she’ll bring out the best - and the worst - you can be

Blame it all on yourself 'cause she’s always a woman to me


Waterfox, too

anarchy79, avatar

I can’t ever go back after moving to Vivaldi, even though it’s chromium. It’s the tiniest of reasons too, like full screen behavior, the gargantuan UI elements, the continuous removal of customization options…

I can set Vivaldi to:

F1 = show/hide info bar
F2 = show/hide address bar
F3 = show/hide tab bar
F4 = instant fullscreen
F5 = sidebar that’s actually useful

The bookmark and history tabs are actually usable, the Quick Command popup bar functions like Vimium, and there’s more customization options than you can shake a stick at.

I say this as a Firefox user who has not changed browsers since it was literally called “Mozilla” and competed with “Mosaic” and “Netscape Navigator” for top position as THE web browser to surf Internet portals.

I love FF to pieces, but it’s simply not usable to me under the current management.

Suavevillain, avatar

I just tried out Floorp which is basically Firefox with some Vivaldi features. I was like oh okay I get the appeal now. I have to take Vivaldi for a test drive.

uis, avatar
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Praying to Lauren Faust??

uis, avatar

Fausticorn, Bonniecorn and Twilight Sparkle


It comes from chy-nah


Unironically fuck China tho


I hear this all the time. I have this conversation on the regular.

Them: “Oh you think Tik Tok is spyware?”

Me: “yes”

Them: “I’ll have you know so is Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Microsoft, and all the big American companies too”

Me: “Yeah, that’s why I don’t use them”

Them: gasp “you’re just paranoid bro are you a drug dealer or something?”

Me: “no, I just like my privacy. You probably wouldn’t like it if some guy was following you keeping tabs about everything you do either.”

Them: “well I’ve got nothing to hide”

Me: “maybe the next person in power might see your current and past beliefs illegal”


Just ask them if they have curtains or blinds on their windows at home. They have nothing to hide, right?


Ask if their house has walls because if it does so should their country.


The fact that you have nothing to hide doesn’t imply I’ve to open up anything to anyone without my approval.

And that’s the key here, we are not fully aware of the randomized distribution of your own data for profit.


Me: You’ve got nothing to hide? What’s you’re address I need to get a pair of binoculars


Me: “do you close the bathroom door while shitting?”

Them: “yes”

Me: “why? You have nothing to hide”


You lock your doors when wanking?


I always lock my car doors when wanking


God when the whole Tiktok thing in Congress was going on nobody wanted to hear that their favorite big tech social media app was already selling information to China; had been caught doing so multiple times; and had never stopped despite promises and threats of prosecution the next time.


WHAT information? What does China gain by learning that Sparky Douchebag watches BBQ and catgirl fapping videos? Are they planning their invasion based on the Heathers Challenge, or simply stealing our makeup tips?


Search the company Tencent.

Then look at how many shares they have on companies around the world.

And then think about it. What power does Google have? What power probably Tencent has.


Look into the research that has proven that the app has backdoors baked in, and combine that with how widespread it is - reaching every level of society; every industry, politician, branch and level of the military. Now remember that research into the Spyware activities of the app.

TikTok is the largest, most successful self-inflicted virus for SigInt ever. [citation needed]


That doesnt answer my question. What information?


Look, it’s not what bs viral video the algorithm is feeding these people. It’s the spyware it’s putting on the phones. It has been proven that the app harvests all the data it can find and phones it home. Backdoor root-level access has also been proven. If you can’t figure out why that would be bad, you probably have problems pouring water out of a boot with instructions on the heel.


I dont know why nobody seems to be able to answer this simple question:


dopeshark, avatar

“But at least is LOCAL spyware 😎”


Me using an android phone and an iPad.


Which honestly to me seems worse right I mean its potentially going to someone who is much closer to you geographically (not always of course).


Google using your perceived preferences to sell you underwear and yogurt is not worse than being tracked by the world’s largest hostile militaristic dictatorship.


Well say you googled a lot about abortions in a state that will put you in prison for it. Then it becomes a different situation. Or say you grow mushrooms to treat cluster headaches and the DEA now probably knows about it because that buy the data from all of these companies and can see the many searches you made about it the credit card you used to purchase supplies etc. I feel like China will probably just try to steal your crypto or something


Searching for information about abortion isn’t a crime anywhere afaik, at least not an enforceable one. Google and the state governments are separate entities, and to be used in the US Justice System against you they would need to provide the source for their evidence, which would make really bad publicity for Google which does in fact harm their profits. So the State would have to make a pretty damn good offer to accomplish that. Doubly so for wannabe authoritarian admins like DeSantis, since those are exactly the type of people to turn around and try to restrict the company’s rights and freedoms.

Pretty much the same for the Mushrooms, although self-medicating with full dose mushrooms seems a little over the top to begin with, but I can’t blame the victim in a system where opiates are handed out readily by doctors.

Crypto would probably be harder for China to take than bank funds, but if they did steal a bit from hundreds of millions of Americans then the total loss would be catastrophic for many lives. The USA has no way to fight back in that scenario because while China does utilize American tech brands and products, those companies are not a direct arm of the military the same way that TikTok is for China.

tostiman, avatar



It would be whataboutism if the argument would be one is okay because of the other. It isn’t whataboutism if the argument is that both are unacceptable.


Or the argument is to distract or derail the conversation. If it is the conversation going in though…


Thank you. I’m so sick of people equating whataboutism with pointing out hypocrisy. Do they want societal acceptance of hypocrisy? Or do they just like to use the new words they learned, like calling every jerk a narcissist?


I disagree on the basis that it normalizes TikTok by even comparing it to something far less harmful. They are both bad but one of them is a military op for the world’s largest hostile dictatorship.

Thats like saying drinking cola and unfiltered piss are both bad for you.


To be honest as a European, I wouldn’t say one is worse than the other. I don’t want to have a race out of it, because it can be argued over in a lot of ways. There is no “not as bad” one, both should be reined in.

Actually, I think what whataboutism is about really is arguments like this. Tiktok is not “normal” and will never be “normal”. But comparing Google to Tiktok and saying Tiktok is worse since it is owned by a dictatorship as opposed to a plutocracy, while overlooking that I can quit or never use Tiktok. In fact, I never did, so I’m reasonably sure they don’t have too much data on me. Google on the other hand is very hard to avoid, as though using Google Analytics to collect my data is illegal, Google is doing all the crime it can do to keep pushing it, along with the rest of its data collection methods.

Neither should be ignored because there are “worse” actors. Both should be held accountable for breaking the law, severely. IMO neither of them is.


Jokes on you I don’t use either ^i ^use ^discord ^and ^windows ^instead

programmer_belch, avatar

I still use discord, can’t just leave gaming with my friends and I already look too much like a paranoid to convince them to switch to matrix or another FLOSS service


There’s Revolt and TeamSpeak aswell. The latter is proprietary, but the audio quality is something to behold.


Revolt is a good alternative. It’s not perfect right now though. The android app just redirects you to its website.


tbf Discord on all platforms just… is a website…


Yeah but you can filter some of its trackers


Wow teamspeak is still a thing? I remember using them back in 03-05 in my CS clan days before even source came out. I’m fuckin old.


It is indeed still a thing. They’re trying their damndest to evolve and move with the times.

uis, avatar

Who needs teamspeak garbage when mumble exists?

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