Nihilore, avatar

You don’t need to censor dicks on lemmy, there’s no algorithm that punishes you because of advertisers here

SharkEatingBreakfast, avatar

Nah, it’s very much appreciated by people who don’t want to randomly see genitals in their feed.


Says you, obviously Nihilore loves seeing cock and balls


That’s not supposed to be solved by censorship, though, as that affects people who DO want to see random, artificial dicks flailing around, and your personal preferences should not forcefully be applied to everyone, right?

If it has dicks flopping around in the wind, it should be marked as NSFW, and your client should be set to blur and/or filter those posts. That solves the issue amicably for all parties.

ChaoticEntropy, avatar

… okay, but the article and image are Kotaku’s…


If it makes it better, the video isn’t censored at all. Just the thumbnail is.

Kolanaki, avatar

Now give me a thrusting animation so I can stand on boxes in front of NPCs and slap them with my floppy dongus.



Rhoeri, avatar

How pointlessly stupid.


One could say the update has that in common with your comment.


So you also think the update is pointlessly stupid?


No, I think the update covered many things that were far from pointless, most of which did not involve johnson jiggle physics. I do, however, think that the initial comment in this chain was entirely pointless.


When two things have an attribute in common, does that attribute only apply to one of the things?


I paid for the game and I will jiggle my balls in it

Wahots, avatar

Every game should have ball physics in it. I find DIRT 4 and Battlefield 1 lacking in this regard.


When will chess add jiggle physics for the kings smh


Balls, dicks, ass and boobs jiggle physics for all!


I don’t think BG3 has boob physics, though. That or every character has +3 Implants of Toughness.


Time to get some developers from the dead or alive xtreme series involved!


Tbh. Implants of toughness sound good. It uses a special armor slot. Does it stack with other +3 armor bonuses?


Thank goodness, lack of ball physics was really killing the immersion for me. This update was long overdue.


I was going to up vote this, but it has already reached 69

Hairyblue, avatar

I just noticed this yesterday. As a gay man, I find this makes the game even more fun to play. I hope everyone else is enjoying seeing the guys jiggle.

Larian keeps perfecting the game, and I am very impressed with that level of dedication from a gaming company.

dojan, avatar

Love jiggly dicks, so this is certainly welcome!

FireTower, avatar

As a heterosexual man, the game went from utterly unplayable to game of the year. Magic I can suspend my disbelief for. But a lack of johnson physics? That’s a step too far.

Finally a truly immersive gaming experience.


I’m not gay, and I welcome this change!


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